Catie Bee Art: Wedding Art

Lately I’ve been working on a lot of custom orders for weddings and bridal showers!

Picture frames, guest books, wooden things, calligraphy for wedding signs, etc.

One of my favorite parts of working as a wedding assistant is seeing how the bride and groom bring personal touches to their wedding design! What better way to add a personal touch on your big day than with art?

While planning for my own wedding, I knew I wanted to do something creative with a personal touch. Being that we had our wedding at Disney World, I painted the seating chart – with each table inspired by a different fairytale land.  It took a lot of paint and patience to get it just the way I wanted.

While working on my own wedding art, I discovered how much fun it is to create unique pieces displayed at meaningful and important events.  I have loved working on custom orders for brides & grooms!

Here are some more fun wedding projects I’ve worked on …

More artwork here.

❤ catie bee art

Catie and Wes - 0726


Photos by A Lovely Photo

“it was like a dream, better than a dream.”

The day before my wedding, I received a call from Disney Resorts line.

The gentleman said he heard my wedding was the next day & invited my family to stay at the Grand Floridian Theme Park View Room – Club Level.

You see, that room is normally $900/night, but he offered us a complimentary stay.

Last night, I had a dream I was standing on the balcony of that hotel room again- watching the sunrise and watching the lights change from blue to purple at Cinderella’s castle.  I dreamt I was alone again, listening to the waves of the lagoon as I anxiously waited for the upcoming wedding festivities.

When I woke up, I realized I will probably never get that view again, but it felt so real in my dream.  While it was bittersweet, I knew 5-year-old me would be dancing in circles if my fairy godmother had whispered how my wedding day would begin. This wasn’t just a dream.  It was real.  How could I possibly be sad?

Thank you kind sir & Disney resorts for an enchanting start of happily ever after. As Cinderella would say, “it was like a dream, better than a dream.”

Catie and Wes - 0046.JPG

catie-and-wes-0055Catie and Wes - 0045.JPG


“Adventure is Out There!” – Fun Things to Do on Your Dream Disney Honeymoon

After months of planning our dream wedding at Walt Disney World, our big day FINALLY arrived.

And while the wedding was wonderful in every way, my husband and I were ready and excited to relax on our honeymoon at Walt Disney World.

Having our honeymoon at WDW was the perfect choice for us.

A major perk of having a wedding at WDW is that Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings sends the bride and groom complimentary annual passes!  As a cast member, I used discounts on our Disney resort, food, and merchandise.  We also love being at WDW and knew it would be a fun place to run around as newlyweds and HAVE FUN!

For you fellow Disney-lovers, I have shared a few “Disney-moon” ideas and tips!  If you have any questions about our Disney-moon or Disney travel in general, feel free to contact me.  Enjoy! ♥

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Wilderness Lodge

The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Oh, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge…. such a beautiful place. One of Disney’s deluxe resorts, the Wilderness Lodge is known for its elegant yet rustic flair and being just a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom. Since my husband proposed while on a camping trip, we agreed that this would be a fitting resort to stay at during our honeymoon.

Why it’s a great honeymoon resort:
It’s a perfect place to relax – rocking chairs, cozy fireplaces, nature trails, a murmuring creek inside the hotel…  This place was everything I dreamed it would be and more.  I wish we had spent more time exploring this incredible resort instead of running around the parks. I would HIGHLY recommend spending a peaceful day at the resort.

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A Letter to all Disney Brides: Your Wedding is Not Childish

“Oh, you’re getting married at Disney? Isn’t that…. childish?”

“Um, excuse me?”

Dear Disney Brides,

Your wedding is not childish.

Your love of Disney is not childish.

YOU, my friend, are awesome. And definitely not alone in this situation.

Unfortunately, you may hear criticisms from family members, friends, and even complete strangers regarding your Disney Wedding. (Side note: they are probably poor unfortunate souls who have never experienced the delight of a Dole Whip or Mickey bar).

What many people fail to realize is that Disney Weddings are beautiful because they are unique.

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Why Marriage is Easier than Dating

Untitled design (5)

Marriage isn’t always easy.

But to be honest, I think marriage is a lot easier than dating.

At least, it is for us.

Of course, we still “date” in marriage.  We go out, we stay in, we seek adventures together.

But when I say marriage is easier than dating, I mean that everything finally fell into place and according to plan when we got married.

That’s a cliché thought, but it’s true.

Since we first started dating, marriage was always our goal (when you know, you know). Whether it was reading books, talking to married couples, or attending premarital counseling sessions, we prepared as best as we could for marriage. Our role models have healthy marriages, and it was evident to us that nothing is more powerful than a fully-committed couple.

Therefore, we looked at dating as training for marriage.

And it was difficult.

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Our Disney Wedding: One Year Anniversary

I remember the first time I dreamed of a Disney wedding. 

I had just moved to Orlando to begin performing at Walt Disney World. Wes was visiting me. Since he had never been to Disney World before, I was so excited to show him my new home at Disney – a place that has been special to me since I was a young child.

It was a day off from work, and Wes and I decided to spend the afternoon walking around Disney’s luxury resorts. As we explored the Grand Floridian, we stumbled upon a wedding.

“That’s so weird!”  I thought, “Who the heck gets married at Disney??”

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Catie + Wes: Our Fairy Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World

On August 23, 2015 – Wes proposed.

8 months later, I was road tripping to Walt Disney World with a wedding gown in the backseat…

Catie and Wes - 1091

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d have a big Disney wedding, or that the people I cherish most would be together at my favorite place celebrating the happiest day of my life.

But I’m so thankful it happened.

Wes and I got engaged on August 23, 2014, and after weeks of searching for “a perfect place” to get married at home (in Nashville), we had a moment of insanity/inspiration and decided to have a destination wedding – at Walt Disney World.

I’ve been a lover of all things Disney for as long as I can remember. Walt Disney World has always been a special place to me, as I grew up vacationing there with my parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and closest friends.

While many children outgrow magic and fairytales, my love for Disney deepened with each passing year.  I eventually started performing at Walt Disney World, and it didn’t take long for me to experience the joys of creating magical moments for others, as well as recognize Disney’s constant attention to detail and genuine care for guests.

I could finally put into words what I really wanted on our wedding day: for our family members and closest friends to feel that same joy, magic, care, and love.

AND SO, my very own Disney Bride diary of our wedding day begins…

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1 Year Anniversary: Disney World

My husband and I were married at Walt Disney World last April. Ah yes, it was magical.

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we took a spontaneous trip to Disney World. We lucked out with perfect weather and somehow managed to run around 4 Disney parks, including Typhoon Lagoon (just can’t get enough of that lazy river…)

The highlights of our trip were of course the food (I’m looking at you, Mickey ice cream bars) and mini golf  – as per usual. Quick side note: I won.

As I reflect on our like, tenth trip to Disney World in the past year (many thanks those handy annual passes we received from Disney Weddings…), I can’t help but go over the plethora of heartfelt memories I have of this particular place: vacationing with my family as a child, performing at the parks, meeting some of my closest friends, marrying my true love, honeymooning, celebrating our anniversary…

How can ONE place hold so much significance?  Especially um, a theme park.

Funny how we find love, comfort, and joy in such peculiar places. Yes, I enjoy Disney World (always will), but what I enjoy more are the moments and laughter I share with those I love when we’re all there – together.

And so… we consider ourselves lucky to have had all our family and closest friends celebrate our wedding last year at the place I call “home.” It made our anniversary trip all the more special.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our 1 “ear” anniversary trip.


“If I could do it all over again…” 5 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My Wedding

After the wedding is over, a lot of women like to think about what they would have done differently on their big day:

“I wish I had a different dress…”

“I wish I had a videographer…”

“I wish I didn’t drink so much…”

While there are definitely a few things I would change about my wedding, there a lot more things I wouldn’t change (like for instance, the man I married…) ❤

Here are 5 things I wouldn’t change about my wedding:

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