Disney Cruise Line: Sense Spa Review/Tips

I’m always up for some serious pampering, especially when it includes a view of the ocean. 

So even before boarding the ship, I was prepared and excited to check out Disney Magic’s spa – specially the massages.

On the first day of the cruise, Senses Spa & Salon raffled like, $200 worth of spa services (don’t quote me on that, I can’t remember the actual amount). My husband and I rushed to participate, but we were a few minutes too late. (Free tip #1: Don’t be late to the spa raffle).

A staff member gave us a great tour of the entire spa. At the end of the tour, she escorted us into a room that included a fancy villa with a whirlpool, a bed, and a verandah overlooking the ocean. It reminded me of those spa rooms you see in resort commercials where this beautiful biracial couple laugh and drink something fruity and caress each other while overlooking the ocean. The place was breathtaking.

She explained the fancy villa is where the Couple’s Choice takes place – an experience that includes whirlpool time, couples massage, tea, and fruit.

“Wow, that sounds really nice,” my husband said, mesmerized by idea of being pampered.

While delighted that my husband seemed enthusiastic about the Couples’s Choice, it was more than I wanted to spend at the spa. Still interested in other treatments, I asked about massages, and she gave us both a mini sample of various types of massages.  That’s when I fell in love with the hot stone massage – and booked it immediately.

The next morning, I returned to the spa for my hot stone massage – which was excellent. Perfect temperature, pressure, etc. Highly recommend it. Afterwards, the friendly massage therapist gave feedback to help treat my shoulder and back pains. I left practically bouncing with joy around the ship – feeling happier and more relaxed than I had in a long time.

After hearing about my massage and seeing how thrilled I was with the experience overall, my husband reflected on the tour and remained very impressed with the couple’s villa and the professional/friendly spa staff.

To my surprise, he suggested we splurge and try Couple’s Choice. Excited, we ran back to the spa and booked the villa to enjoy during one of the mornings at sea.

Couple’s Choice is a 130-minute experience, which includes:
Spa treatment rooms (the massage area and the verandah)
Couples massage (75 minutes)
Private verandah
Personal whirlpool
Open air shower
Roman bed with canopy
Tea Ceremony
Foot Cleansing Ceremony
Fruit plate (including chocolate-covered strawberries)


The morning of our treatment, a staff member escorted us to the changing rooms where we were provided with robes and sandals. Massage therapists led us to the Couple’s villa and did an individual consultation as well as recommended/personalized different treatments – Swedish, bamboo, hot stone massage, or you can simply pick from a list of whatever sounds nice to you. Since I had such an amazing experience with my previous massage, I picked the hot stone massage – as did my husband.

Our treatment began with a foot scrub and 40 minutes in the whirlpool.  During this time, the massage therapist prepares for the massages while we relaxed. After our heavenly hot stone massages, we returned to the verandah where we ate chocolate-covered fruit, drank tea, and shared how wonderful our massage was with each other.

We absolutely loved our experience at the spa – especially Couple’s Choice.

Here are the 10 SENSES SPA TIPS:

1. Book in advanced
If you can, book your spa treatments before boarding the ship. This definitely applies to those who have previous experience at the Senses Spa. If you are still uncertain about different treatments (like we were), then don’t miss the Senses Spa Open House the first day of your cruise so you can book your appointments ASAP.

2. Take the tour

Unless you are certain you are NOT going to have spa treatments in the budget or itinerary, take the tour of the entire facility.  You will be impressed with the services they offer, and the staff was very friendly and professional.

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Travel Diary: Disney Cruise

My husband and I enjoyed our first Disney Cruise!

(Saying “first” because we plan on going again – it was so marvelous).

If you know me, you know I hate cold weather. I can’t stand it.

So being on a Disney cruise in the middle of January was a dream come true.

The 5-night Western Caribbean cruise (Ship : Magic) was a perfect Christmas gift from my husband. I had never experienced a Disney cruise before, and we (mostly just me) were excited to escape the gray, cold winter and bask in the sun in the middle of the glistening ocean!

We traveled to Cozumel Mexico then sailed away to Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island). We also spent two fun-filled days at sea enjoying shows, musicals, trivia, bingo, movie theatre, spa, adult-only pool, and nightclubs.

We were thrilled to find plenty of activities for adults-only, (especially for Disney-lovers traveling without children!) To be quite honest, I’m convinced adults have more fun than the kids on a Disney cruise!

disneycruiseOther than a few nights of rocky waters (which resulted in a little bit of sea sickness), everything was perfect – including the weather, food, and even Disney Cruise Line (DCL) cast members.

One of our favorite aspects of the cruise was meeting DCL cast members from around the world. Each one we met was friendly, energetic, and happy to answer any questions we had about cruise activities or port excursions.


While we loved so many experiences on our cruise, the highlights were:

– Watching fireworks at sea on Pirate Night
– Relaxing at the spa’s Couple Villa
– Snorkeling in Cozumel
– Eating (pretty much all the time)
– Irish dancing at the ship’s pub
– Seeing the shows (specifically the magic/comedy shows)
– Laying out by Quiet Cove (adult-only pool)

More specific blog posts coming soon (spa, pirate night, adult activities, etc.) But for now… here are some photos and a fun video of our wonderful cruise! Enjoy!






“Adventure is Out There!” – Fun Things to Do on Your Dream Disney Honeymoon

After months of planning our dream wedding at Walt Disney World, our big day FINALLY arrived.

And while the wedding was wonderful in every way, my husband and I were ready and excited to relax on our honeymoon at Walt Disney World.

Having our honeymoon at WDW was the perfect choice for us.

A major perk of having a wedding at WDW is that Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings sends the bride and groom complimentary annual passes!  As a cast member, I used discounts on our Disney resort, food, and merchandise.  We also love being at WDW and knew it would be a fun place to run around as newlyweds and HAVE FUN!

For you fellow Disney-lovers, I have shared a few “Disney-moon” ideas and tips!  If you have any questions about our Disney-moon or Disney travel in general, feel free to contact me.  Enjoy! ♥

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Wilderness Lodge

The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Oh, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge…. such a beautiful place. One of Disney’s deluxe resorts, the Wilderness Lodge is known for its elegant yet rustic flair and being just a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom. Since my husband proposed while on a camping trip, we agreed that this would be a fitting resort to stay at during our honeymoon.

Why it’s a great honeymoon resort:
It’s a perfect place to relax – rocking chairs, cozy fireplaces, nature trails, a murmuring creek inside the hotel…  This place was everything I dreamed it would be and more.  I wish we had spent more time exploring this incredible resort instead of running around the parks. I would HIGHLY recommend spending a peaceful day at the resort.

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What’s In My Disney Backpack? My 10 Park Essentials

My Disney Backpack

My Disney Backpack by catiebee

You will never see me without a backpack at the parks!

Here are a few items I carry around in my Disney Backpack…


I will say this again and again: Nothing is worse than being soaking wet while walking around Magic Kingdom in the pouring rain – especially in the winter. I typically roll up my raincoat and keep it in my bag.  You just never know with Orlando weather – one second it’s sunny, the next it’s a monsoon!

Water bottle:
With the Florida heat + walking around park, it’s easy to get dehydrated, which can be dangerous.  I have my water bottle with me at all times.  I fill the water bottle with ice in the morning, and the ice melts throughout the day – giving me ice cold water while enjoying the thrills of the park! Tip: Ask for a cup of water at any quick service place (the cast member will give it to you for free), then pour the cup of water into your water bottle! Hands-free, and problem solved!

I occasionally bring a light-weight shirt or tank top in my bag to change into when it’s a super hot day, and I know I’ll be sweating. I just feel fresher! During the colder season, I like to change into a new shirt after water ride so I’m not chilly the rest of the morning or evening.

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Packing Basics: Walt Disney World

Can’t figure out what to pack for your trip to Disney World?

Have no fear!

I’m sharing my “must-haves” while vacationing at the most magical place on earth!

Packing Basics: Walt Disney World


I never go to Disney World without my Minnie ears! Wearing them makes me feel like I’m truly entering a totally different world (because where else is it acceptable to wear mouse ears on the reg?) If you don’t have any Disney ears yet, don’t worry! There are plenty of places to pick out your favorite Disney ears at the parks & Disney Springs. You’ll feel part of magic in no time!

As far as hats go, I also bring a baseball cap for long, sunny days to protect my skin. Occasionally I’ll bring a sun hat if I know I’ll be heading to a water park or the beach.

Do yourself a favor and pack your raincoat. NOTHING is worse than being soaking wet while walking around Magic Kingdom in the pouring rain – especially in the winter. Trust me…

Because I sometimes get cold in the evenings, I always pack a comfy, light sweatshirt or jacket (which saves me from buying a $60 sweatshirt at WDW). I’ve been known to buy extra clothes at the gift shops when I forget to bring warmer items (like a jacket), and my bank account really hates when I do that.  Don’t be me.

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My Style – Walt Disney World

catibee -Magic Kingdom.jpg
Magic Kingdom by catiebee

Magic Kingdom is my favorite place… in the whole world! I never enter MK without my Minnie ears and magic band!

I always bring a cute, small backpack to carry my essentials: camera, phone, autograph book, rain jacket, sun glasses, sun screen, etc. Since I’m usually at MK all day/night & walk around A LOT, I always wear comfortable shoes!


EPCOT by catiebee

This is the perfect outfit for me to wear while walking (let’s be real- EATING) around the different countries at The World Showcase. Since there aren’t any “thrill” rides at EPCOT, I tend to dress up a little more & add some fun accessories (which includes a fun hat, watch, & necklace).

Don’t forget your denim shirt or light sweater for IllumiNations when it gets cooler around The World Showcase lagoon!

catiebee - DAK.jpg

Animal Kingdom by catiebee

Animal Kingdom is one of the largest animal theme parks in the world, so we all know it is FILLED with adventure! I love this outfit because of the fun prints and a perfect hat to wear during the Kilimanjaro safari ride. I’m also a big fan of this cross-body bag (I don’t have to worry about accidentally losing my purse while snapping a quick picture of the animals!)

Don’t forget your poncho or a light rain jacket if you’ll ride Kali River Rapids – you WILL get wet!

P.S. Anyone else excited about “Rivers of Light??”  I KNOW I AM. 

catiebee- Hollywood Studios.jpg

Hollywood Studios by catiebee

I’ve always loved that old Hollywood “glitz & glam” feel at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Although HS is not my favorite park (RIP the sorcerer’s hat…), Fantasmic will always have a special place in my heart, and I’m excited about all the park renovations!

Soo, fashion ideas?  THIS outfit. Sparkly red hair bow, bright red lip stick, and gold accessories = my idea of HS style perfection. I don’t spend more than a few hours at HS, and since I’m too scared to go on Tower of Terror, this is a great outfit for me to walk (shop) around the park before Fantasmic!


More styles coming soon – catiebee.polyvore.com


5 TIPS for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

My husband and I attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in September… and had a blast!  I had heard from fellow Disney Brides that the Halloween party is THE party to attend at Disney World – even better than the Christmas party.

And since I never turn down an opportunity to wear a Disney costume, we just HAD to go…


I wanted to share a few thoughts about MNSSHP for those who are interested in attending in the future!

Here are my 5 tips for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party:

1) Costumes:
Be sure to have awesome costumes! We saw A LOT of Tinker Bell, Wendy, and Ariel costumes (which were lovely), but we really LOVED how creative people were with their costumes, so enjoy thinking outside the box!  Is there a Disney character you’ve always wanted to be?  Do you own a dress that reminds you of your favorite Disney princess? This is YOUR TIME to be imaginative and truly live out a childhood dream!

Being that I’m a total Disney Fairy nerd, I have always wanted a pair of wings of my own.  My husband and I dressed as Fawn and the Neverbeast from the movie Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast.  My mom helped me turn an orange bathing suit into her top.  We tore apart the children’s Fawn costume and resewed the skirt to fit me.  I found cheap boots and glued twine around them.  It was fun putting together our costumes, and they were a huge hit!

I wish we arrived at Magic Kingdom a little earlier so we could spend more time running around in our costumes!!  By the time we got there, it was too dark to fully enjoy/appreciate other guests’ costumes. So that’s definitely something to think about – getting to the party early!

TIP: Be sure to get pictures of you in your costumes early on when you aren’t sweaty and your hair isn’t a mess. It will most likely be hot and humid, especially since the parties are crowded. (You’ll thank yourself later). 

Dressed as “Fawn”from Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

2) Trick-or-treating:
MY FAVORITE PART.  I was expecting the cast members to shoo away adults during the trick-or-treating part, but thankfully that wasn’t the case at all. Children AND adults were welcome to run around the park and collect candy.

Disney hands out the GOOD candy – not the cheap kind or that terrible stuff you find in a dainty glass bowl at your grandma’s house.  This was the jackpot of all candy.  Cast members handed out bags for guests to collect all the goodies. The bags were kind of small, so if you are feeling ambitious – be sure to bring your own bag.

TIP: Go trick-or-treating at the less popular attractions such as the Tiki Room. It was less crowded and therefore cast members were more generous with candy.

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Next Disney trip: Halloween Party!

Wes and I will be at Walt Disney World in September for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!

The event includes trick-or-treating in Magic Kingdom, Disney villains, and a Halloween parade and firework show.

I’ve heard many awesome things about MNSSHP from fellow Disney brides, and I’m looking forward to seeing a few friends in the Halloween parades/shows!

We’ll be thinking of costume ideas for the next few weeks. If you have any fun suggestions (especially for “Disney couple” costumes), share in the comments!

Also let us know if you’ll be at the party. Hope to see you there!