“I am From”

A list of people, places, and things I am from:

I am from 54 journals and the golden rule
From “be careful what you wish for” and “The Little Things”
I am from Ridgewood, the green house, and the duck pond
From Disney World parades and make-believe
I am from my mother’s charisma
From my father’s wisdom
I am from flights to Silver Springs
From Mexican rice and latkes
I am from the Sound of Music, symphonies, and opera
From horse back riding to Riverdance
I am from my sister’s dance in the kitchen
From my brother’s infectious laugh
I am from the tree in the yard, the castle on the cloud
From penchants and desires, goals and prayers
From cows, flying squirrels, llamas, and dinosaurs
I am from pillow and blanket forts and bike rides at sundown
From the yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, and purple walls
I am from English class and Theatre productions
From Mrs. Frame and Mr. Kent, Mrs. McClendon and Mrs. Cox
I am from Montessori, St. Bernard, Brentwood Middle
From passion plays, short attention spans, and chorus
I am from the love of friends
From Becky, Rachel, Anna, Kate, to Lauren
From the principal’s office, the Indian festival, the school bus, and Merrells
I am from secret clubs and secret crushes
from St. Henry to Father Ryan High School
From student council, Zumba, cast circles, Moina sweaters
I am from band competitions and playing frisbee on the lawn
From purple and red clothing, uniform checks, and the Element
I am from Belmont University
from pink and green, and Communications class
I am from Carmel, California
From dreams I hope will one day come true

Thoughts? :)

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