Where to Next: California

Flights booked!

We are going to California in August!

When my husband Wes and I got married, we made a list of all the places we want to travel to together – then prioritized.

California was second on my list, as I have been obsessed with that state since I was little.

I’ve always loved traveling there – the food, the laid-back culture, the beautiful weather. It’s all pretty fantastic.

Previous California trips include:

    • Rose Bowl Parade/LA trip with my family
    • Father/daughter trip to San Francisco
    • Brother/sister trip to San Diego

Wes has never been to California, so I’m pretty excited to show him some of my favorite places in the world. (I’m looking at you, Carmel- by- the Sea).

When we sat down to figure out where in California we wanted to explore, we read a lot of blogs about the scenic drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.


We’ll start our trip in San Francisco, visit friends, make a few stops along the way (including Big Sur, Santa Monica, Disneyland) and end in San Diego.

Still figure out the itinerary, but for anyone who has done Pacific Coast Highway, let us know some good stops/restaurants/ect. in the comments below!

And if you live in any of those places, let’s grab coffee!


Thoughts? :)

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