First Journal Post | “Remind You”

One of my goals for my blog is to be more transparent.

I am working on revealing more of my heart through blogging, which is something I don’t do very well or very often.

But I figured I would just write what comes to mind.

Not sure who will read this – but if you are, thank you.

Last night, I went to the Andy Grammer/Gavin DeGraw concert with my husband as sort of a last minute date idea.  We had a really great time, but it was unexpectedly an emotional experience for me.

Let’s back track: I saw Andy Grammer in concert for the first time during my freshman year of college with my best friend from high school/college roommate.  At that time, I was going through some rough times – heartbreak, loneliness, maybe even depression.

During one of the darkest, most confusing times in my life, I remember my best friend and I sang (belted) Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up” over and over again as we rode around town in her little green car.

To my surprise – when I heard that song at the concert last night, I didn’t think about the bad stuff I was dealing with at that time.  In fact, no specific tough memory came to mind, but I sure as hell smiled as I thought of old college friends, no curfews, 3am coffee runs, random dance outbursts, designed tattoos, and failed vlog attempts. I could only remember the joys.

Isn’t it amazing that music can bring us back to struggles we overcame, relationships we developed, and laughter we shared with those we continue to love and trust?

Last night, I listened to a lot of music that brought back old, happy memories.

But in the middle of the concert, Andy Grammer sang a song that I wasn’t very familiar with titled, “Remind You.”

The song is about having someone you love constantly point out that you are enough.  (That you are great, talented, strong, beautiful, capable, etc). Because sometimes we just forget to remind ourselves.

I quickly went from reflecting on the past to looking into the future – as that particular song is extremely relevant to what is going on right now in my life.

Currently: I have some big changes coming up. And I’m terrified. I’m stressing over career switches, dealing with friends moving away, and figuring out next big steps in my life. It’s easy for me to crumble under pressure and hide during new transitions. I’ll admit it, growing pains are real and uncomfortable.

However, as I listened to this new song last night, I thought of all the people who have remained bright lights in my life for many years, as well those who’ve recently entered my life, but I feel as though I’ve known forever.  These loving individuals remind me of my own worth, strengths, and abilities.

And to be honest… I really need those reminders right now.

I hope that at his next concert (maybe a few years from now), I can hear this song again and remember the joys during this stressful season (painting with friends, horseback riding, blogging, etc) rather than all the fears, self-doubt, and chaos.

Sharing this song with you in case you need a little “reminder” as well.

Because you are enough. We are enough. ❤

“We get a little bit lost
Like ships at sea
We don’t remember
Right where we’re supposed to be
And when you’re questioning your worth
From the way that we all do
And your version of amnesia
Starts to seep on through
And you know that you are great
But you can’t remember why
I will be there by your side
I will remind you

A little bit of love from someone you trust
Can bring you back to life”

2 thoughts on “First Journal Post | “Remind You”

  1. Just to remind you… For the entire time that I’ve known you, and most specifically between the ages of 16-21, you have been (and honestly, will forever be) a source of inspiration. You are one of the most capable human beings I know and you are someone who has always just given it a go, no matter what “it” was at a place in time. You would give it a try without allowing your insecurities get in the way. You’re a huge reason why I have learned to just jump without knowing exactly how I’ll land. I have seen you jump to amazing places and you will continue to jump to amazing places. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to worry about your feet taking the brunt of the jump, because you’ve got a wonderful husband and friends who love and support you who are there to help catch you. Thanks for being who you are and just a reminder, you are a kick ass smart and bold lady and I love you. ❤️

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