Disney Doodle: “Off to Neverland!”


Oh my goodness!

This piece was SO wonderful to paint.

With each brush stroke, I wished I was flying off to Neverland!

This 8×10 acrylic Catie Bee Art painting is for my friend Mercedes – who I met on my wedding day! She was an assistant at my wedding at Walt Disney World. Moments before I walked down the aisle, she exclaimed:

“Oh my gosh! Is this song from the Tinker Bell movie??”

((Yes – I walked down the aisle to a song from the Tinker Bell movie))

I was THRILLED that this adorable, friendly stranger was familiar with the Tinker Bell movies, and I knew she was someone I wanted to be friends with!

A few weeks after my wedding, we found each other on Instagram.  I quickly realized we have a lot more in common than our love for the Tinker Bell movies: we both performed at Walt Disney World (#mouseheight), enjoy horse back riding, recently got married, and work as wedding assistants/planners!  I felt like I had met a soul twin!

Mercedes and her husband Cameron will be welcoming a BABY BOY very soon, and she ordered this painting for a Neverland-themed nursery. How adorable is THAT?!

So thankful we bonded over the Tinker Bell movies on my wedding day. Isn’t it fun to make new friends in the most unexpected ways?

Mercedes, I know baby Oliver and Peter Pan will be best friends! So excited for you!

Check out more Catie Bee Art paintings and visit my new connect page! 

❤ catie bee art


Thoughts? :)

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