What’s In My Disney Backpack? My 10 Park Essentials

My Disney Backpack

My Disney Backpack by catiebee

You will never see me without a backpack at the parks!

Here are a few items I carry around in my Disney Backpack…


I will say this again and again: Nothing is worse than being soaking wet while walking around Magic Kingdom in the pouring rain – especially in the winter. I typically roll up my raincoat and keep it in my bag.  You just never know with Orlando weather – one second it’s sunny, the next it’s a monsoon!

Water bottle:
With the Florida heat + walking around park, it’s easy to get dehydrated, which can be dangerous.  I have my water bottle with me at all times.  I fill the water bottle with ice in the morning, and the ice melts throughout the day – giving me ice cold water while enjoying the thrills of the park! Tip: Ask for a cup of water at any quick service place (the cast member will give it to you for free), then pour the cup of water into your water bottle! Hands-free, and problem solved!

I occasionally bring a light-weight shirt or tank top in my bag to change into when it’s a super hot day, and I know I’ll be sweating. I just feel fresher! During the colder season, I like to change into a new shirt after water ride so I’m not chilly the rest of the morning or evening.

Sketch pad/autograph book:
When it is during the “more crowded” periods at Disney World, I bring a small notebook and pen/sharpie to draw characters as I’m standing in line for rides or working backstage. I also use it ass an autograph book when meeting characters!

Sun glasses:
I have to admit I’m not a huge sunglass-wearer (I always lose them!), but I pack my sunglasses for going to the pool and playing mini golf. During my most recent trip to Disney, I wore sunglasses, and it made a HUGE difference.  I won’t be leaving home without them from now on!

Sun screen:
Sometimes I’m having too much fun to notice that hot sun burning my pale skin.  (Not good).  I always carry a little bottle of (good!) sun screen and apply it to my face, shoulders, and chest. The last thing I want is to be too sunburnt to enjoy the rest of my vacation!

Extra magic band:
I learned by being a cast member to always carry an extra magic band in my purse. This may or may not apply to you, but if you are an annual pass holder or a cast member, it’s good to have a magic band in your purse or bag just in case! You never know when you’re going to be playing at the parks!

Cell phone charger:
Because I use My Disney Experience and take lots of pictures on my phone, I use up A LOT of battery at the parks.  I never go to the parks without having my portable charger.

Of course…. I love reapplying some bright red lipstick! I helps brighten my face for pictures with all my favorite characters. It also weirdly wakes me up a bit when I start losing some energy after running around the parks all day….

Before I leave for the Disney parks, I usually clean out my wallet to make it as light as possible.  I take out any gift cards/rewards cards I won’t be needing on the trip and keep only the “essentials.”  This really helps keep the bag light. **Don’t forget your ID – especially if you want to “drink around the world” at EPCOT! 🙂

Pssst. Target usually has some great backpacks/bags that are a great size and aren’t super expensive.

The items I included above are all relatively light-weight.  Be sure to get a bag that is also light so you are not uncomfortable carrying it around all day. Remember: comfort is key!!

❤ catie bee

Thoughts? :)

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